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The Japanese character for ami in Amiya Corporation means "net," representing our vision for information networks, security networks, global networks, and networks that connect people with each other.

​Since our founding in 1996, we have offered our customers corporate information systems security products and services under two main categories: System Security to protect against network system vulnerabilities (preventing external attacks) and Human Security to deter information leakage from within an organization (preventing internal information leakage).

Today, security measures are part of our clients' everyday vocabulary. When we first started, however, the Japanese market was barely aware of the concept of network security. For the first several years after our founding, it seemed that we spent most of our time educating customers on the need to protect against potential security risks.

​With the spread of the commercial Internet and its integration into corporate information systems, we now see a wide range of skill levels among users. This discrepancy in sophistication among users leads to new types of security risks. One of the greatest challenges companies face is securing their Internet-connected corporate information systems (cloud services, etc.).

At Amiya, we work tirelessly for our clients, putting our 20 years of experience and employee expertise to use in developing reasonably priced, user-friendly products and solutions to secure Internet-based corporate information systems.

We value your business, and we look forward to working even more closely with you in the future.

Amiya Corporation.
CEO Seiichi Ito / COO Kouta Ishida

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