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Environmental Philosophy

We regard the conservation of the global environment as a social responsibility that any company should undertake, and we act in consideration of the conservation of the global environment through our corporate activities.

Environmental Policy

We pursue activities on a continual basis to protect the environment and contribute to a prosperous society.

1. Compliance With Environment-Related Laws and Regulations
We comply with environment-related laws, ordinances, and other requirements.
2. Environmental Preservation
We prevent environmental pollution and pursue recycling and waste reduction to save resources and energy.
3. In-House Education and Awareness
We raise awareness of our environmental philosophy and policies through internal communications to ensure all employees understand and implement our environmental policies.

Environmental Goals

  1. 1. We pursue efforts to reduce power consumption in our office environment.
  2. 2. We pursue efforts to reduce the amount of copy paper used in our office environment.
  3. 3. We strive to save resources, save energy, and reduce waste by using green products in our office environment.
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