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Remote Access V-Client


What is Remote Access V-Client?

V-Client is remote access software used for connecting to a corporate network or cloud from home or on the go.
Certificates required for authentication are managed at the Management Center on the cloud.
Users can rely on the safety of the in-house portal and business apps, whether at home or on the go.

Remote Access Operations and Management Service for Customers

The Management Center handles remote access settings and operations.

  • Centralized Management

    • Initial settings / installation / and construction
    • Adding / changing settings
    • Issuing and suspending certificates
  • Communications Stability and Security

    • Security settings on behalf of the customer
    • Address disconnect / delay issues
    • Record / storage connection logs
  • Operations Maintenance / Failure Recovery

    • Automatic firmware updates
    • Isolate line / router faults
    • Send replacement equipment in case of equipment failure (send-out, send-back)

02.Features and Functions

Point 1

Simple connection with easy-to-understand UI

Easy even for users unfamiliar with technology.Just open the app and tap once!
No need to learn detailed operations.

Point 2

Security features and convenience

By default, V-Client uses a proprietary two-step authentication and dynamic port control function.
Customers can enable remote access without worrying about security.

  • Two-Step Authentication

    The management center approves the connected terminal via device authentication, and then issues a one-time password to allow communication between V-Client and V-edge.

  • Dynamic Port Control

    V-edge, which is the V-Client access point, opens the port only at the time of connection. Unlike conventional remote access methods, which keep the port open continuously, this method prevents unauthorized access by a third party.

Point 3

Easy to operate

All functions required for remote access operation are integrated on the web management screen. This includes issuing and suspending certificates used for V-Client authentication and checking connection logs.

  • Connection Logs

    The connection log is saved in the cloud center automatically for three months.

  • Certificate Management

    Certificate management, including as new issuance, suspension, and initialization can all be performed online.

  • Access Control

    V-Client controls internal servers that allow remote access connections for each IP address.

Offering the Greatest Convenience for Information Systems Administrators

Point 4

On-premises or on the cloud

  • Connect mobile devices to office networks

    Install V-edge as a gateway in-house to access company networks from V-Client securely.

  • From mobile devices to the cloud

    We create a virtual gateway unique to the client.Access customer cloud services cloud directly via the virtual gateway.

Point 5

Three Easy Steps From Installation to Operation

There is no need to change the settings on the NW device or perform complicated operations on the client terminal.
A private line between the terminal and the site will quickly open in just three steps.

03.Trusted by Our Customers

Transform Work Styles Through Remote Work

Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS / 2000 Clients


Compatibility with any platform, machine-independent VPN

1. Connect to internal business systems from anywhere
2. Facilitate the use of mobile devices (assumed to reach over 1000 users)


A Work-Life Transformation!

1. Multi-device / multi-carrier
2. Strong security through two-step authentication
3. Easy operation with one-tap connection

  • Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd.

    We have introduced smart devices so employees can connect to internal business applications from outside or on the go. However, since device models differ by department and adoption timing, we required a VPN solution that supports multiple devices and that does not depend on a computer terminal. In addition, we also required high availability and high security compatible with more than 1,000 simultaneous connections. When we looked for a solution that met all of these requirements, Verona was a perfect fit.

Build a private line connecting stores and data centers nationwide

Major retailers / 1400 clients


1. Access policy to allow read-only access to the data center
2. Limit access to designated terminals only
3. Configuration that maintains communications, even in the event of a failure
4. Automatic connection function from the store that requires no user input
5. A plan for multi-device support and tablet usage

  • Major Retailers

    We are able to use POS data without delay and with peace of mind by employing a configuration allowing for communication to continue uninterrupted, even in the event of a failure. In addition, the VPN software used in the store provides an automated connection, allowing staff to focus on their own jobs.

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