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Site-to-Site VPN V-edge


What is V-edge?

V-edge is a high-security access router that creates a private line between sites.
All settings are performed at the management center, so there is no need for customers to set up equipment.Quickly build a secure communications environment by simply plugging in the router.
The network is easy to expand, and works equally well with multiple sites.

Operation and Management of Site-to-Site VPN

The Management Center takes care remote access settings and operations for the customer.

  • Centralized Management

    • Initialize settings / deployment / construction
    • Add / change settings
    • Issue and suspend certificates
  • Communications Stability and Security

    • Security settings
    • Repair disconnects / delay issues
    • Record / store connection logs
  • Operation Maintenance / Failure Recovery

    • Automatic firmware updates
    • Isolate line / router faults
    • Send replacement equipment in case of equipment failure (send-out, send-back)

02.Features and Functions

Point 1

High-Speed Communications for Greater Comfort

The backbone of the IPoE method has more bandwidth that a conventional PPPoE.
Improved communications quality for both Internet and VPN.

  • Faster VPN with intra-NGN network wrapping

    Connect to VPN using the NTT East and NTT West intra-NGN network wrapping.Communications avoid the public internet, offering faster, more secure performance.

  • Increase internet speed with IPoE

    The new IPoE method (IPv4 over IPv6) enables faster and more stable Internet access than ever before.

Point 2

Security Functions Available Only Through V-edge

Dynamic port control protects communications from unauthorized access such as spoofing.
Furthermore, the anti-fraud access function discards unauthorized packets and protects the network under the control of V-edge.

Point 3

Easy to Operate

Centralized management of V-edge via the web management screen.
Confirm information necessary for operations, including operating status, settings, and the system logs.

  • Web Management Screen

    Connection logs are saved automatically in the cloud center for three months.

  • Confirm Status

    Confirm operating status, deployment location, settings information, etc., for V-edge.

  • Logs

    System logs are saved automatically in the cloud center for three months.

Point 4

Three Easy Steps From Deployment to Operation

No complicated configuration work for the user; no on-site deployment work is required.
You can build a highly secure private line in just three steps.

Point 5

Supports Cloud Services

Since V-edge is linked with major cloud services in Japan and overseas; easily connect to various cloud services using a VPN.

A split tunneling function allows communications to the public cloud to be routed to the internet.

03.Trusted by Our Customers

  • Real Estate

    Sumo Counter


  • Construction

    Construction Sites


  • Beauty Salon

    Whole Body Hair Removal Salon


  • Manufacturing

    Overseas locations


  • Schooling /



  • Restaurants

    Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain


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