Data Security ALog Series

Data Security ALog SERIES

01.The growing importance of records

As business becomes more reliant on IT, business processes digitization is accelerating. More than ever, keeping records of data access is vital for monitoring and preventing fraud and data theft.

02.Why choose ALog?

ALog offers unique data analysis technology and unparalleled ease of use.
Many security-conscious companies continue to choose Amiya for their data security needs.

  • Reason #1

    Visualize complex log data in an easy-to-understand manner

    We extract vast amounts of data access records from complex system data, compiling records into an easy-to-read access log using unique log analysis and conversion technology.

  • Reason #2

    Intuitive operation for peace of mind, even in an emergency

    All search, report and management functions are accessible through a central, intuitive interface.
    We offer a search engine specialized in high-speed search of time-series data.

  • Reason #3

    Efficient automation via flexible settings

    Define content to monitor in advance for automated reports and alerts.
    We offer cyber-attack detection packages and other predefined templates for users who prefer a simpler set up.

03.Expanding use cases

The ALog Series plays an active role as a record data bank.
More recently, our ALog Series as data sets for AI and big data (pre-processing to organize data), as well as a data analysis platforms.

ALog Eva

04.Expanding fields

ALog Series are being used effectively across a wide range of on-premise and cloud-based situations.
We offer the responsiveness and easy-to-use functionality characteristic of Japanese developers, leading the way in log management product development.

05.AI implementation

  • Use AI to detect irregularities in past logs

06.Case studies

Since launch, ALog has been adopted by a wide variety of major corporate customers across a broad range of industries. Today, we boast the title of No.1 Server Access Log package in the market.

Market Share by Server Access Audit Package

Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Current Status and Future Prospects of the Internal Threat Countermeasure Solution Market 2022" Published in January 2023

Major Corporate Customers

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