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With the development of Internet and Container, everyone can enjoy information and things freely and fairly.

On the other hand, cyberspace is not secure enough, and security is more important than ever.

However, in Japan, since there is a tremendous shortage of cyber security professional,
many companies cannot fully guarantee safety.

Since its founding in 1996, Amiya has strengthened our customers' businesses from the two security perspectives of "data security that protects the security of information" and "network security that protects the security of network communications."

We will actively utilize advanced technologies such as AI and Cloud to create "automation without human intervention"
and "remote without human resident" which will solve the shortage of cyber security personnel in Japan.

Security in cyberspace is an important keyword that brings about "social success."
It is our mission to continue to provide that peace of mind.

CEO Kouta Ishida

Amiya Corporation.
CEO Kouta Ishida

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