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01.What is Network All Cloud?

As the working population continues to decline, cloud computing is becoming an important IT strategy for businesses.
However, the network infrastructure that supports those businesses still tends to solely exist on-premises, while the load on the information system department continues to increase.
That is where Network All Cloud comes in.

The troublesome network construction, its operation after being installed, as well as troubleshooting can all be handled by the management center working from the cloud.
As such, the burden on the information system department can be reduced, and it can focus its efforts more on IT strategy instead.
Why not solve these IT infrastructure issues all at once with Network All Cloud?

02.Three Reasons to Choose the Network All Cloud Series

  • Reason #1

    Fully Remotely Managed Service

    Experienced network professionals directly support network equipment maintenance, settings configuration, troubleshooting, etc. from the cloud management center.

  • Reason #2

    Quick Installation

    Using SaaS, there is no need for you to build a cloud controller or configure any settings.
    Just plug a LAN cable into the device you receive. A wireless LAN can be installed in just 3 steps.

  • Reason #3

    Reliable Pricing System

    There is no SI installation cost. You only pay for the equipment and a monthly fee.
    Since all design and construction count towards maintenance costs from the start, you can save a lot.

03.Structure of Network All Cloud

Unique data analysis technology and unparalleled ease of use.
We continue to be selected by many businesses due to our varied product lineup.

We offer you the most suitable equipment for any workstyle you may have

From our WAN that connects all your work sites, to our LAN that arranges your office environment, we provide you with the optimal equipment in a package according to your industry type and scale.
Apart from offering a complete network package, we can also provide you with individual items such as access points, allowing you to flexibly work in your own unique setting, whether it be multi-store development or remote work.

04.Network All Cloud Series List

  • A Cloud VPN service that lets you build your own private line on the internet.
    Use VPN between work sites or remote access VPN, and realize a workstyle in which you are not tied to a single location.
    In addition, cloud gateways can enhance cyber attack countermeasures.

  • Cloud Wireless LAN service to build the design of and operate the network equipment inside your LAN from the cloud.
    Centralized management of switches and wireless APs distributed over LAN from the cloud. Excellent for simultaneous deployment to and management of multiple work sites, stores, and floors.

05.Our Trusted Clients

Our service is used by several companies greatly ranging in size from small to large.

More than 2,900 corporate customers

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