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01.Overview / Lineup

WAN as a Service More flexible, more secure networks through WAN as a Service

Verona is a cloud VPN service that offers private company lines over the internet.
Supports both site-to-site VPN and mobile access.Build / operate a highly secure WAN environment quickly and flexibly.

Verona Lineup

Choose an option according to your needs

  • Access offices externally


    Multi-OS, multi-device remote access software
    Access internal servers with one tap!

  • Securely connect to remote sites


    Zero config site-to-site VPN supports connections to cloud services such as AWS and Azure!

02.Features and Functions

Point 1

What is Verona?

  • Site-to-site VPN

    Use a full-mesh type site-to-site VPN simply by deploying a dedicated router.

  • Remote Access

    Dedicated software allows for safe access to internal data and business systems from home or on the go.

Point 2

What is Cloud VPN?

We will build, operate, and monitor a VPN from our Management Center on the cloud for our customers.

Point 3

Deployment and operation included

  • Automatic

    Simply connect the device to deploy

    The required device settings are performed remotely from the CAS Center and updated instantly on the local device.
    Start using Cloud VPN by simply connecting the device to a network.

  • Complete Operations and Support Provided

    Operations conducted by the support center

    A dedicated Verona engineer at the support center will be responsible for changing device settings and troubleshooting.Spend less time and effort operating the network.

  • Convenient

    Highly functional management screen

    Check the connection status of devices or software using the Verona Monitor.Verona Monitor can also be used for log analysis in the event of an emergency.

03.Trusted by Our Customers

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