Amiya Corporation is a company of information security professionals. Our core business is to provide products and services that help companies design, operate, and monitor their information security systems. We collect customer information in a number of ways. We obtain information when customers contact us about our products and services, or in connection with seminars or exhibits in which we participate or sponsor. As a company specializing in information security, we fully understand our social responsibility to protect private information.
Accordingly, Amiya protects your private information according to the policies outlined below.

1. Compliance with Laws and Standards

Amiya complies with laws concerning the handling of private information, as well as those policies and standards established by the Japanese government.

2. Systems for Safely Managing Private Information

Amiya has put into place organizational, personnel, physical, and technological measures to prevent private information leakage, loss, or damage. Amiya modifies these measures as deemed necessary.

3. Handling Private Information

Amiya engages in appropriate and legal measures to obtain private information within the scope of its intended usage. We do not use information we collect outside the originally intended usage, as discussed below. Amiya has measures in place to prevent information from being used for purposes other than those originally intended.

  • To collect customer information or feedback (including surveys) in connection with inquiries related to the Amiya business, products, or services
  • To provide customers with suggestions and/or notifications related to the Amiya business, products, or services
  • To conduct research and development for Amiya products and services via questionnaire
  • When engaging in seminars, lectures, or exhibitions sponsored in whole or in part by Amiya
  • To ensure Amiya security related to physical access to corporate facilities
  • To conduct Amiya employee (hiring) and human resources management
  • To conduct statistical analysis related to customer access to Amiya website

4. Providing Private Information to Third Parties

Except where detailed below, Amiya does not provide customer private information to third parties:

  • Amiya may, with the prior agreement of the customer, provide private information to Amiya distributors or retailers for the purpose of responding to customer inquiries or feedback about Amiya products
  • Amiya may disclose private information to third parties when allowed by related government laws,policies, or guidelines
  • Amiya may disclose private information to third parties when disclosure or submission is ordered by the courts or by government administration under provisions of the law

5. Our Commitment to Continuing Improvement

Amiya commits to continue to improve these policies and management systems in response to revisions in related laws, government policies, or other standards, as well as in response to developments in the general business environment.

6. Cookies

Amiya uses so-called Cookie technology to track customer web browsing history in order to offer better service to our customers.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are files saved on the customer's computer that tracks viewing history and data input when the customer visits a website. The next time the customer returns to the same page on the website, the information contained in the Cookie is used to identify the customer, allowing the website operator to tailor the site layout, etc. for each customer.
Be assured that cookies do not contain any personally identifying information.
Purpose of Cookies
Amiya Corporation uses Cookies for the following purposes:
  • To supply appropriate advertisements to other websites based on interests shown by customers and their activity on Amiya-operated websites
  • To research user numbers, page views, and other traffic information on Amiya-operated websites
  • To improve Amiya services
  • To maintain security by asking users to re-enter (reauthorize) their password after the passing of a certain amount of time between uses

Yahoo!JAPAN, Google and other third parties (Internet Advertisers) use Cookies to deliver advertisements to users based on the user's past web-browsing behavior.
Amiya delivers advertisements through Internet Advertisers; consequently, Internet Advertisers may reference Cookies placed by Amiya.
Deleting Cookies
Customers may turn off the use of Cookies by following one of the procedures below:

1. Access the Google Advertising Opt-Out page, and turn Google Cookies off
2. Access the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out page, and turn off Cookies delivered by third parties

Customers may also restrict or allow the use of Cookies by changing the settings on their Internet browser.
Browser settings include options to allow all Cookies, reject all Cookies, or notify the user when a website attempts to place a Cookie. Browsers differ as to how to access Cookie settings. Click your browser's help menu to learn more.
If you choose to reject all Cookies, you may not be able to use certain services or functions of Amiya-operated websites.
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