We have prepared a wide range of materials, from materials
that give an overview of business introductions to log white papers and case studies.

ALog Series

Product overview Documents

  • ALog Series
    Product Overview

    ALog SeriesProduct OverviewDocument
    Introducing ALog Converter / ALog Converter DB / ALog EVA
  • Resource Athlete
    Product Overview

    Resource AthleteProduct OverviewDocument
    Introducing Resource Athlete


  • The definitive guide
    to log management

    The definitive guideto log management
    It is a collection of log management know-how that can be used by both beginners and experts.
  • Visualization of
    threats by SIEM

    Visualization ofthreats by SIEM
    From the basics of [why not notice cyber attacks] to [creating a concrete mechanism for automatic detection]. Introducing efficient cyber security measures from the perspective of log management.
  • Microsoft 365
    Log Management
    Practice Guide

    Microsoft 365Log ManagementPractice Guide
    Introducing a method to automatically manage "security measures for cloud services" using Microsoft 365 as an example.
  • Your PC is exposed to
    attackers from the Web

    Your PC is exposed toattackers from the Web
    A telework environment that is a hotbed for cyber attacks. Where is the threat lurking? Introducing the points of countermeasures while unraveling the attack method.
  • Internal Fraud

    Internal FraudCountermeasures
    Information leakage incidents with a loss of over 400 million yen can occur on a daily basis! Based on damage cases mainly due to internal fraud, we analyze information leakage routes and introduce efficient monitoring points.
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