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An "Unmanaged" Wireless LAN for Businesses

Hypersonix is a network cloud service that provides business wireless LAN design and operations.
This product offers safe, comfortable operations in any WiFi environment, including offices, stores, factories, schools, and hospitals.

Wireless LAN Operation and Management Services

Our Management Center handles all wireless LAN settings and operations for the customer.

  • Operations

    • Initial settings / installation / construction
    • Security settings
    • Connection setting consultation for each type of device
    • MAC Address registration, change, deletion
    • Firmware updates
  • Communications Stability and Security

    • Avoid disconnections / delays
    • Interference wave filtering
    • Channel tuning
    • Stealth mode
    • AD / RADIUS authentication, etc.
  • Disaster Recovery

    • Fault isolation via email or phone
    • Alive monitoring of wireless access points
    • Log recording / storage
    • Send replacement equipment in case of equipment failure (send-out, send-back)

Lineups that Meet Customer Requirements

Wireless Access Point

Communication speeds may suffer if device specifications are not met.
With Hypersonix, you can choose between three types of devices based on your business environment.

Cloud PoE switch

Wireless LAN malfunctions may be caused by the upper switch, rather than the access.
Hypersonix also provides total support for PoE switches and access points.
* Only the standard type is supported

OpenID Authentication (SNS Authentication)

When providing free WiFi to users, it is recommended to use an authentication system that identifies the user.
With Hypersonix, our management center will take care of all construction and operation of highly complicated authentication infrastructure.
* Only basic type is supported

Only Hypersonix provides a cloud-based, completely outsourced service.

  • Comprehensive Support for Installation Work

    We also offer consultation regarding line installation, installing/removing AP equipment on-site, and scheduling deployment to multiple locations.

  • Comprehensive Support for Systems Integration Tasks

    As this is a service provided by a specialized networking team, we also offer consultation on setting up firewalls and proxies, as well as using RADIUS.

  • Overwhelmingly Affordable Centralized Management

    The wireless LAN environment requires no equipment, staff, or special assets. Customers experience significant reductions in running costs.

An Era of “Unmanaged” Wireless LANs

02.Features and Functions

Point 1

Quick Installation

No configuration work required.
Simply plug the LAN cable into the device provided.Install a wireless LAN in just three steps.

Point 2

Strong Security

Hypersonix prevents data interceptions and intrusions, providing all of the complicated security settings required.
You can work without any worries.

  • Automatic Firmware Updates

    Firmware updates that plug security holes is essential for network security.But keeping firmware updated is a challenge. Hypersonix alleviates the stress through automated updates to the latest firmware versions.

  • Stealth Function

    Simply having your SSID visible increases the risk of external attacks… this is why Hypersonix offers a stealth function to keep SSIDs completely invisible.

  • MAC Machine / RADIUS

  • Separator Function

    This function prevents access between terminals connected to the same Wi-Fi router at the same time.By preventing access to shared folders, we protect the security of the users.

Point 3

Eliminate Disconnections and Interruptions

Unstable wireless communications can be caused by any number of factors.
With Hypersonix, expert engineers make the proper adjustments from the cloud to prevent instabilities.

  • Case 1

  • Case 2

03.Trusted by Our Customers

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