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Microsoft 365 Log Management Practice Guide


Microsoft 365 Log Management Practice Guide

Introducing a method to automatically manage "security measures for cloud services" using Microsoft 365 as an example.

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  • 1

    I want to manage
    logs of cloud services
    such as Microsoft 365

  • 2

    I want to monitor
    internal fraud on both
    cloud and on-premises

  • 3

    What is SIEM?
    I want to know
    the merit sof
    introducing it.


宮田 昌紀(みやた まさのり)
Amiya Co., Ltd.
Internal Control Consulting Senior Manager
Masanori Miyata

After joining Amiya, he has been involved in information security and IT governance consulting and internal audit support for major companies as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). In recent years, he has also engaged in solution consulting for visualization and effective use of logs according to various purposes such as cyber measures and work style reform. He also provides consulting not only to domestic companies but also to foreign-affiliated companies and local governments.

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