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Amiya and NEC Indonesia form Business Alliance in Indonesia Introducing “ALog Series” to the Indonesian Market

Tokyo, 12 June 2023 Amiya Corporation (Tokyo, Japan; Kota Ishida, president) and NEC INDONESIA (Jakarta; Joji Yamamoto, president) announced today a formal agreement for NEC Indonesia to sell and support Amiya’s "ALog Series", a log data management solution in the Indonesian market.

Amiya Corporation is the inventor of "ALog Series" log data management solution that plays a vital role in corporate data security and risk management in Japan and the ASEAN courtiers. Amiya has been well aware of the growing concern in Indonesia regarding cyber security, especially the lack of any other advanced unified log data management solution. For this reason, Amiya choses NEC Indonesia as the company’s partner in Indonesia, recognizing NEC Indonesia’s unique expertise, strong channels and capabilities that will contribute to ALog ConVerter growth.

"ALog Series" have been adopted by more than 5100 contracts installed in Japan and overseas, highly regarded for its effectiveness and ease of operation with a unique patented technology.

President Director of NEC Indonesia, Joji Yamamoto, said: “with massive acceleration of Digital Transformation in all industries, almost everything is now connected to one another. In a world like this, security risks might attack from everywhere. Business processes are depended on IT where data security becomes very vital to prevent fraud and data theft. To do business safely, cybersecurity is crucial more than ever.”

Kota Ishida, President of Amiya Corporation, adds, "We believe this partnership with NEC INDONESIA will open up more sales channels for ALog ConVerter. We expect Indonesia's decision-makers to embrace ALog ConVerter with the same kind of reception this software has received in Japan"

Log data management solution ALog series
Released originally in September 2005, "ALog Series" is the log data management solution which boasts a track record of more than 5,100 contracts installed in Japan and overseas. It won the top share*1 for server access monitoring packages for 16 consecutive years. A data security solution that automatically aggregates and monitors the operation of various information system logs without agents, regardless of whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. With its unique and patented log translation conversion technology and AI fraud prediction detection, advanced log utilization is realized without specialized knowledge or know-how. "ALog Series" solve all kinds of business issues, such as internal fraud countermeasures, cyber attack countermeasures.
*1 Source: Tohmatsu Mic Research Institute

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About PT NEC Indonesia

NEC first established its representative office in Jakarta in 1968. To this day, PT NEC Indonesia continues to play an important role in providing innovative ICT solutions to promote safety, security, and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. As a leading provider of information and communication technology, PT NEC Indonesia provides world-class services and technology including telecommunications networks, biometric identification, intelligent solutions for Banks and other Financial Services, Public Transportation and Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, as well as government applications and infrastructure and business enterprises to support the digital transformation journey. For more information, visit us at

About Amiya Corporation


Amiya is the Cyber security company that protects the success of society with the power of security. Amiya develops a "data security business" that focuses on log analysis solutions equipped with AI technology, and a "network security business" that provides SaaS networks based on the concept of "cloud migration of ICT infrastructure". Amiya leads the security market with the originality and ease of use that made in Japan vendor can provide.


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